Top 10 Reasons Hawaii Restorative is excited
to be a BELFOR company

1. Keeping the same local crews and offices lets us continue our relationships with you that we have enjoyed for so long.

2. BELFOR shares Hawaii Restorative's vision of integrity, quality, and customer service.

3. BELFOR's comprehensive services allow us to provide a complete start-to-finish solution for any loss.

4. Additional capacity allows us to handle large numbers of any-sized jobs.

5. National catastrophe response teams and trained crews from other offices can be brought in if needed to handle very large losses and widespread events.

6. BELFOR's unmatched emergency power capacity is critical in the case of large-scale natural disasters.

7. BELFOR has Document Restoration Labs to recover water, mold, and fire-damaged documents.

8. BELFOR's electronics restoration and data recovery services provide a much higher level of restoration technology than we have ever been able to offer before.

9. BELFOR's Red Alert service allows us to be a part of client contingency and recovery plans before a loss occurs, and to provide priority response when disaster strikes.

10. It's a great feeling to be part of the best single-source solution available anywhere!